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Key Figures


Zeeland Seaports has two important sources of income. The first source is the money paid by sea-going and inland waterway vessels that visit the port. These are known as quay and harbour dues. The second source is the money paid by companies which are located in the port area. These companies pay ground rent for the hectares of land they occupy. The size of a port is usually determined by the amount of maritime goods handled. In other words, the amount of goods which pass through the port.


Key Figures


You will find a number of key figures for the Zeeland ports below.


Sea-going vessels’ cargo handled in 2013:

Approximately 33 million tons


Maximum draught:

Terneuzen 12.5 metres

Vlissingen 16.5 metres


Area size:

4,400 hectares


Number of companies based in the port:

Approximately 200  




Zeeland Seaports regularly publishes statistical data on this page. Here you will find the throughput figures, divided by type of goods and the form in which it is handled.


Throughput figures 2013  


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