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Offshore is all about the construction and maintenance of offshore installations at sea. This includes things like oil and gas platforms but also wind parks. Special installation ships transport large parts from the port to the platform.


Zeeland Seaports has an excellent geographic location in respect to many offshore oil and gas platforms, and wind parks located in the North Sea. Thanks to the short trip and Vlissingen's lack of locks, it has been recognised as a port for the storage and transshipment of offshore objects for many years.


Wind energy at sea is a developing market. Large investments are being made, both on a national and a European level, to make our energy supplies more sustainable. Zeeland Seaports champions these developments. As many as twenty wind parks have been delivered via the Zeeland ports. These wind parks need to be maintained. It's good to know that specialised companies in the Zeeland ports have plenty of experience when it comes to maintaining, constructing and dismantling offshore parts.


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