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Industrial companies are drawn to the deep navigation water of the Zeeland ports. They are also interested in the excellent hinterland connections via water, road and rail. These are bonuses which provide cost-effective transport for raw materials and (end) products.


The ports in Zeeland are ideally located for companies that require large amounts of raw materials for their production process and that are reliant on the supply of these raw materials by sea. There is also plenty of room for the production and storage of end products. This is the reason why the port area houses a variety of industrial activities. The port is also ideally laid out for the transportation of goods by water, road and rail.


We try to explore which residues and materials can be exchanged between new and existing industries when developing new ones wherever possible. This results in short logistical lines and reduces the amount of waste. This is good for the environment and results in savings.


You will soon find an overview of all the companies located in the Zeeland ports in the business directory.


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