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Food products are often transported by ship. The ports in Zeeland are increasingly being used for this purpose. These goods include items like meat and fish. Consumables like onions, potatoes or dairy products like butter are also considered food.  As a rising player in the food market, lots of fruit - like bananas and citrus fruit - pass through Zeeland.


The transshipment of food poses a challenge on different fronts. The freshness of products is vitally important and speed is required to maintain optimum freshness. Furthermore, many food products are fragile. Vlissingen has an excellent reputation in the food sector for its expert handling and storage of fresh food products.


The Bijleveldhaven has its own Food Port. A variety of complimentary services are on offer in addition to the processing and storage of fresh produce. This includes the mixing, packaging, repackaging, reprocessing, clearance, forwarding and distribution of fresh produce. Vlissingen is also an export port for fresh vegetables from the Netherlands, France and Southern Europe. This produce is transported to Russia and other northern destinations.


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