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General cargo


General cargo is also known as break bulk. These are goods which have been clustered or packaged individually - in contrast to bulk goods for example - and which are transported per pallet. General cargo is indicative of the goods' form.


General cargo plays an important role in the Zeeland ports. Zeeland Seaports is the European market leader in the general cargo sectors of aluminium and wood products - like pulp and paper. The Zeeland port has modern facilities for handling and storing delicate cargoes like wood and paper.


Verbrugge Terminals operates Europe’s largest and most modern terminals for wood products in Terneuzen and Vlissingen. However, other operators, like BOW Terminal, Pacorini Metals Vlissingen, Supermaritime Nederland and Mammoet Multi Purpose Terminal, also contribute to the transshipment of general cargo in Zeeland.


Project cargo is another type of important general cargo. These are large objects which need to be transported. This includes bridge elements or parts for offshore platforms. However, (parts for) wind turbines are also considered general cargo.


Approximately 8 million tons of general cargo passed through the Zeeland ports in 2013.


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