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The ports of Zeeland Seaports form a centrally located and strategic gateway to North-West Europe. The throughput of 33 million tons of goods per year makes Zeeland Seaports the third largest port in the Netherlands.


The majority of the total throughput consists of the arrival of goods. These add up to 23.5 million tons. However, Zeeland Seaports is also an export port: 9.5 million tons of goods are exported via Vlissingen and Terneuzen. The ports in Zeeland offer numerous facilities when it comes to transporting, storing and transshipping different types of goods.




What type of goods are you dealing with? Goods can be divided in a number of different ways. A common division is made according to form. We differentiate, for example, between dry bulk and liquid bulk. Both types of bulk are mass goods which are transported unpackaged. Dry bulk usually consists of solids, like coal, in contrast to liquid bulk which consists of fluids like crude oil.


In contrast to dry and liquid bulk, breakbulk can be counted individually. Breakbulk is often transported using pallets. Aluminium, wood products and fruit are examples of goods which frequently pass through Zeeland as break bulk. Transporting breakbulk in containers is becoming increasingly popular. The focus here is on the form rather than on the contents.


Types of goods


A division based on the different types of goods can also be made. This includes things like fertilizers, raw minerals, chemical products and agricultural products. Food forms an individual category in the different types of goods: the main focus is often freshness. The transshipment of project cargo is also an important business segment for Zeeland Seaports. This includes things like materials for generating power at sea. The Zeeland ports are playing an increasingly important role in what is known as the offshore sector when it comes to the storage and transshipment of parts for oil and gas platforms, and parts for wind turbines which will be built at sea.


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