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Available plots


The port area in Zeeland offers plenty of opportunities for the establishment of new companies. These companies are bound to profit from the existing companies' activities. Our goal is to achieve the optimal exploitation of synergies between companies. Do you want to know more? Our commercial managers are happy to discuss the options with you.




Sustainability is the focus of the Terneuzen part of the port (also known as the Zeeland-Flemish Canal Zone). Various projects make the most of sustainable developments. The area offers plenty of space and opportunities for you to establish your company.


Axelse Vlakte

The Axelse Vlakte (east of Sluiskil) offers approximately 70 hectares of land suitable for quay-related activities. The multi-modal connections are one of the reasons why this plot is an ideal location for business premises. This is especially the case since the Autrichehaven has been extended so that it offers 855 meters of quay-side. This port offers access to vessels with a draught of 12.5 meters. The extension is an important expansion of the quay facilities on offer on the banks of the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. It is also the next step in the development of Biopark Terneuzen. This concept is geared towards bringing companies together so that they can exchange their by-products and waste products. These products go on to become the raw materials or supplements to the power supply for the company production processes.


Do you want to know more? Please visit Biopark Terneuzen's website.


Valuepark Terneuzen

Valuepark Terneuzen is the ideal location for chemical production and distribution activities. The Valuepark is a joint venture between Zeeland Seaports and chemical company Dow Benelux. Approximately 80 hectares of land are available for further investment. New companies will profit in two ways. On the one hand, they will benefit from the vicinity of Dow Benelux' extensive petrochemical facilities. And on the other hand, they will benefit from Zeeland Seaports' expertise when it comes to infrastructure and regional economic developments.


Please visit Valuepark Terneuzen's website for more information.


Greenhouse cultivation

The Canal Zone near Terneuzen has been designated as an area of concentration for sustainable greenhouse cultivation. Zeeland Seaports is collaborating with WarmCO2 and Yara for this unique project. The area covered by the plan spans a total (gross) area of almost 250 hectares. Greenhouses can be built on well over half of this area to create a total net area under glass of almost 150 hectares.


More information? View greenhouse cultivation project.




A variety of plots are also available in the port of Vlissingen. Approximately 70 hectares of land are available near the Quarleshaven. This site is located immediately on the waterfront and close to the entrance to the port. It would also be possible to construct a quay with a length of up to 800 metres.


Are you interested in the ports of Zeeland as a location for you to establish your company? We are happy to discuss the options with you. And we're also happy to provide more information about establishing a company there. Our commercial managers are here to help.


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