Postal address
Postbus 132, 4530 AC Terneuzen

Visitors address
Schelpenpad 2, 4531 PD Terneuzen, Nederland.

Tel: +31 (0) 115 647400, Fax: +31 (0) 115 647500




Zeeland Seaports is the third largest seaport in the Netherlands. The port plays an important economic role both in the region and beyond. It owes this leading position in no small part to its accessibility and excellent connections with the European hinterland.


Hinterland connections


Our ports are accessible by sea and inland waterways as well as by rail and road. Major advantages of the port area are:

  • An open connection with the North Sea;
  • Deep navigation water and hardly any tidal limitations;
  • Good, congestion-free hinterland connections;
  • An efficient rail network;
  • Excellent connections with European inland waterways;
  • An extensive pipeline network.


One of the ports’ strong points is the accessibility by road. Many other ports suffer from traffic congestion which severely restrict overland accessibility. Traffic jams are a rarity in Zeeland. This is something that sets Zeeland Seaport's apart. New developments are in the pipeline, such as the widening of the Ultracompact/Sluitbandje and the construction of the Sluitbandje and the Sea Lock, to make sure accessibility remains optimal.




Zeeland Seaports' port consists of two areas: the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen. An overview of both port areas can be found on the map included.


Map port area