Postal address
Postbus 132, 4530 AC Terneuzen

Visitors address
Schelpenpad 2, 4531 PD Terneuzen, Nederland.

Tel: +31 (0) 115 647400, Fax: +31 (0) 115 647500


The port


Zeeland Seaports encompasses two ports: the port of Vlissingen and the port of Terneuzen. Together, they make up a port area which is strategically located in North-West Europe. One which has great access to the Western Scheldt.


The Western Scheldt offers open access to the North Sea and is extremely close to international navigational routes. The maximum draught of 16.5 meters means that even the largest of vessels can access the port. You will find more information about the great hinterland connections under accessibility.


Room for growth


The port area is home to some 200 companies which are active in industry, logistics and maritime services. Together, they are responsible for roughly 18% of the total employment in the province of Zeeland. Expansion means that this percentage will continue to increase. The ports which make up Zeeland Seaports offer room to grow.


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Working in the port


It is not just the excellent location and the companies operating in the ports which make Zeeland Seaports so attractive. It is the people that make the port what it is. People who are proud of their profession, their companies and their port. The enormous effort and willingness demonstrated by the circa 15,000 employees is the reason why Zeeland Seaports is one of the fastest growing ports in Europe.


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