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Employee experiences

Leo Lagendijk, commercial manager, 49

“I will have worked as a commercial manager at Zeeland Seaports for a year coming June. I used to work for a freight forwarder in the port of Rotterdam before coming here and I have also worked in the Food business. Working for Zeeland Seaports is great because no two days are the same. My brief includes food, sand and gravel, defence and the shipyard branch. I do more than sit behind a computer screen. I have to get out and about. I need to look for companies that want to settle in the port, and for import and export cargo streams. I also visit fairs and congresses so that I can highlight the strategic importance of the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen.

One of the things that keeps my job interesting is that you meet so many people - both internally and externally. Whether I'm renewing a contract, working on a new project or collaborating: everything requires my full attention. Naturally, you are faced with various interests, both internally and externally, so you always have to ask yourself which is more important. It's not easy but it's certainly exhilarating! I value comradeship and loyalty because I believe that different departments can work together to make a project a success. Interacting with your colleagues can actually teach you a lot.”

Nel Westveer, Finance

I've been working for Zeeland Seaports and the former port authorities of Vlissingen and Terneuzen part-time for twenty-four years. One of the things that makes my job special is the organisation's diversity and dynamics. I was a receptionist for the first ten years. That was a great job and I got to meet lots of clients. I then started working for the financial department. The reason I did so was because I have great affinity for this kind of work. My duties currently revolve around keeping track of accounts due and accounts receivable. In addition to the administration for the port authority, we also participate in Valuepark Terneuzen, WarmCo2 and Stichting Biopark. There are always numerous projects on the go. These include infrastructure projects which require a separate project administration. We use liability accounts for sourcing so that we have always insight into the various budgets. Our department publishes financial reports quarterly, business plans and long-range estimates in addition to the budget and annual report. We keep accounts and process financial data into up-to-date figures which are important for the completion of various reports and day-to-day running every day. In other words, there's never a dull moment. Working for Zeeland Seaports makes me feel like I can contribute indirectly to Zeeland's economy. Accommodating and attracting new and existing companies in our region is a prerequisite for many people and families to be able to work and live in Zeeland.

Wouter Vos, Logistics & Infrastructure employee, 25

“I started working for Zeeland Seaports in September 2011, after finishing my  study programme Logistics & Technical Transport Management on Higher Vocational Education level. It was a great opportunity as I wanted to work in a port-related environment. The development of transport modalities, hinterland connections and the logistical process from/to producers and consumers in the hinterland are the basis for my role. On the one hand, we facilitate transport by road, rail and water via our infrastructure and on the other hand, we develop new transport services in collaboration with companies in the area.

Collaborating with the different departments at Zeeland Seaports and the relevant market parties is an important part of the process. People expect you to know about all the activities taking place in the port areas when you work for a port authority. The contact with market parties, developmental organisations and various levels of the government mean my work is diverse and that I work in a dynamic environment.


Martijn de Bruijn, subproject leader Development & Implementation, 34


'I came to work at Zeeland Seaports because I was particularly attracted to working on and around water. I have already managed a number of projects, such as dredging work, the building of quay structures, raising sites and constructing roads. I get to be involved in the full range of civil engineering activities at Zeeland Seaports. And that's what I particularly enjoy, with my background in construction and civil engineering. Other things also play an important role in my work, such as licence applications. And I also maintain many contacts with government authorities and businesses.'



Hatice Kara-Liman, company lawyer, 35


'During my law studies I took a number of optional subjects, one of which was maritime law and associated international law. That makes a port authority such as Zeeland Seaports a great working environment. Here I can make good use of my knowledge.

I have already been working for five years at Zeeland Seaports. My work involves dealing with questions and problems to do with private law, varying from drawing up a letter serving notice of default to drafting agreements for companies that wish to set up business in our port area.
Zeeland Seaports offers me a dynamic and internationally oriented working environment, and my work is extremely varied. I come in contact with all sorts of areas of law and have frequent contact with companies in the port. That is what makes the work so interesting!'