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Underground Connections


Zeeland Seaports aims to promote itself in the market as a sustainable port. One of the ways in which it hopes to achieve this aim is through the development of sustainable industry and by improving the sustainability of existing industry along the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal.


This key objective spawns innovations focusing on the sustainable use and re-use of residual flows. One of the conditions for the use of residual flows and the creation of a market for its use is the construction of underground infrastructure (both physically and organisationally). Underground pipelines connect the different users. This system concept is known as Multi Utility Proving (MUP).


View the video accompanying the Underground Connections project.


Project description


MUP is a system concept that consists of three different components. The first is the identification of commodities which can be exchanged like CO2 heat, water and electricity. The second component is organising supply and demand for the exchange. The third MUP component requires the use of underground infrastructure to link companies. This cuts transport with other modalities. MUP contributes to the sustainable development of the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal Zone.


Advantages of MUP


MUP contributes to the creation of an overview of pipelines by allocating a sizeable strip of land for the construction of pipelines. Part of the pipeline route may consist of communal facilities. Insight results in safety.


The use of strip of land intended for MUP prevents the continual creation of new pipeline routes in the area. These projects disrupt normal day-to-day business. An overview also keeps things clear. Everybody knows where they stand.


MUP facilitates and thus relieves pipeline owners. The allocation of a strip of land in advance and the run-through of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the plan means that future procedures can be avoided or shortened. Actively managing the strip with pipelines reduces the need for continuous inspections by different companies. This means that pipelines can be placed closer together.


Zeeland Seaports directs sustainability in the area. MUP is an important instrument when it comes to attracting companies in a targeted way. The presence of various residual flows can make it attractive for companies to settle in the area. MUP is an example of proactive trading in the field of sustainability.


MUP is one of a number of infrastructure projects in the Canal Zone which is geared towards its further development. It is Zeeland Seaport's way of contributing to the Canal Zone's future. MUP is the hub which allows us to continuously grow.


Latest developments


The documents for the Environmental Impact Assessment of the MUP plan have been submitted to the municipality of Terneuzen. The public viewing took place there at the end of 2013. It was presented at the same time as the municipality of Terneuzen's Structural Vision Bus Routes.

  • Main report Environmental Impact Assessment of the plan
  • Archaeological report Environmental Impact Assessment of the plan
  • Appropriate evaluation Environmental Impact Assessment of the plan
  • Summary Environmental Impact Assessment of the plan
  • Pipeline route exploration Environmental Impact Assessment of the plan
  • Appendices report Environmental Impact Assessment of the plan