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Sustainable seaports


Zeeland Seaports is having research carried out into the large-scale use of solar power in the Zeeland ports as part of the EU project entitled 'Sustainable Seaports'. This research is being carried out by Cofely. Cofely is a market leader in innovation and sustainable technological solutions. The project, entitled Solar Energized Ports is part of the larger project known as Sustainable Seaports.


Project description


The goal of the Solar Energized Ports research is to stimulate companies to invest in sustainable means of generating power. This will allow us to make the port areas in Terneuzen and Vlissingen more sustainable. The solar power generated could, for example, be used for the logistic activities performed by port authorities.


A desk study is currently being performed to explore the technical and economic viability of the research. The result of this study will be a vision document which will contain recommendations and a step-by-step plan for generating solar power and its use by the different companies located in the Zeeland port area.


In addition to Zeeland Seaports, the ports of Ghent, Zeebrugge, Ostend and Antwerp are also participating in the Sustainable Seaports project.  Each port will perform a different study which will have sustainability as its theme. Things like residual and bypass flows, sustainable and ecofriendly port buildings, network connections for wind parks and an environmentally related database for sea shipping are all examples of things which will also be studied. The focus will also be on sharing knowledge and on the creation of an education network.




Zeeland Seaports believes it is important for the port area to keep its CO2 footprint as low as possible. This is the reason why we want to facilitate companies in the port area which operate sustainably as much as possible. The goal of 'Solar Energized Ports' research is to create a definite step-by-step plan. This will allow the companies within the port to chart how their business may profit from the use of solar power quickly and relatively easily.




The study is being performed by Cofely by order of Zeeland Seaport. Potentially good options for the large-scale generation and use of solar power are the first things which will be mapped out. Companies in the port will also be asked to provide input. This will help us gain a realistic view.


More information


Do you have any questions about this project? Please contact Jacco Vader, project leader for Sustainable Projects at Zeeland Seaports at: +31 115 647 400. You can also visit the website Here you will find progress updates of the project.