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The Sloepoort business park is a brand-new hub to be constructed which will span approximately 30 hectares in the municipality of Borsele. The site borders the port area of Vlissingen-Oost and is situated at the intersection of Sloeweg and de Westerscheldetunnelweg. It is easily accessible: the Zeeland ports are nearby and the location is fantastic. In other words, it's a great place for companies.


Who may use the park?


Zeeland Seaports would like companies that provide services to industry and logistic service providers in the ports to settle here. However, the park is also open to companies that wish to relocate away from village centres in the municipality of Borsele. Naturally, the companies wishing to move into the business park must meet the criteria contained in the zoning plan with regards to their environmental impact (e.g. visual, noise and light pollution).


Features of the Sloepoort design


The Sloepoort's immediate surrounds will be taken into consideration, wherever possible, during the construction of the site. This has been determined in the image quality plan.


A maximum of 50% of the peripheral zone may be built on and/or surfaced. The buildings that are visible from the surrounding roads and dikes must be built using predetermined, unobtrusive colours. In addition, there will be an extensive green zone surrounding a large part of the site. This green zone will feature bodies of water. A woodland area of 60 hectares will be planted to screen the business park from the villages. The business park will employ park management. The park management will provide a number of different communal services like cleaning and security services.




Zeeland Seaports is currently preparing for the development of Sloepoort.