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Maintenance Valuepark


World capital of maintenance


The Maintenance Valuepark Terneuzen (MVP) is being constructed next to the southern entrance to/exit of the Western Scheldt Tunnel in Zeeland. This location places it at the heart of the largest chemical cluster in Western Europe: the Flemish-Dutch Delta. The Knowledge and Information Centre (KI<) and the Workplace Education Environment have already been launched. The business park will open its doors in 2015.


Project description


The MVP contributes to a unique ecosystem. A maintenance role in the process industry is its core theme. Open innovation, new business models (where collaboration is key) and a constant drive for knowledge renewal are the three pillars for more efficiency, increased safety and higher reliability.


The Knowledge and Information Centre


The motto 'we don't need bricks to kick-start innovation' was the basis for the launch of the KI< in 2011. The KI< initiates, supports and disseminates new knowledge.  Generating ideas, concept development, Intellectual Property management, financing and business case development ensure that new ideas are carefully presented to the market. KI< has redefined innovation in the process industry.


Workplace Education Environment


Students and maintenance professionals can get to grips with new knowledge and the latest equipment in the Workplace Education Environment (LWO). The LWO is partially located in the MVP's work environment and the other part is located in special areas. It all depends on the circumstances and the regulations. A concious decision was made to do things this way. This means that participants can really experience what it is like to work in maintenance.


The LWO also allows the machinery's manufacturers to provide user courses and training sessions on site. This has led to the creation of an efficient and effective practical platform where new insights are shared and demonstrated. The LWO offers supplements to the regular courses available and allows vocational training institutes to add an extra dimension to regular courses. The LWO is an extra link in a chain which results in skilled and knowledgeable professionals.


Open Innovation and Synergy


Open innovation is a new approach to thinking which is strongly embedded in the MVP. It is based on a collaboration between maintenance firms; producers of machines, installations and education; the government and clients. Open innovation means creating opportunities through knowledge sharing. The common denominator for the different partners is developing innovative solutions together for the maintenance industry. In the long run, this will create added value and thus a successful future. Our sights are set on transforming MVP into a think tank with international contacts for the Dutch process industry.


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