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Greenhouse Cultivation


In April 2004, the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment designated the Canal Zone at Terneuzen as a concentration area for sustainable greenhouse cultivation in its Policy Document on Space. Shortly afterwards the location was included in the draft environs plan for Zeeland 2006-2012. The development of the plan for large-scale greenhouse cultivation at the intended location has been taken up by Zeeland Seaports in collaboration with WarmCO2 and Yara.


Project description


WarmCO2 is constructing hot-water transport pipelines and CO2 transport pipelines which will connect Yara to the greenhouse cultivation area. A pipe system was created in 2008 which transports residual heat and residual CO2 from Yara's fertilizer plant to Glastuinbouw Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The area of cultivation spans two polders: the Schmidsschorrepolder and the Autrichepolder near Westdorpe in the municipality of Terneuzen. Yara's residual heat and residual CO2 is used in this area of cultivation to heat the greenhouses and to make the plants grow quicker. WarmCO2 is the energy supplier in the area. They provide the market gardeners with heat and CO2.


The sustainable cultivation project, which is located directly next to the port area, is unique in the Netherlands. High-quality residual heat (with a temperature of 89°C) is transported from Yara to the greenhouses. It is transported back to Yara once the heat has been released (at a temperature of 35°C).


The area covered by the plan spans a total (gross) area of almost 250 hectares. Greenhouses can be built on well over half of this area to create a total net area under glass of almost 150 hectares. The remaining space will be used for facilities like roads, bicycle lanes, ditches and waterways, pipeline corridors, water storage, and an appropriate green landscape.


More information


Please contact Jenny Crone at Zeeland Seaports if you have any questions about the Greenhouse Cultivation project. Jenny can be reached at: +31 115 647 400. You will also find more information on the following websites: