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Flushing Service Park is a new industrial area in the port of Vlissingen and is a joint venture of Zeeland Seaports and AMinvest (owned by Euro-Rijn Kenick Group and Van Uden Group).


The 27-hectare 'dry' industrial area offers plots for companies looking to maximise opportunities in an unrivalled strategic location. The plots can be issued to companies in full ownership or in lease. Plot sizes are flexible.

Flushing Service Park combines easy access to motorways, room for growth and a location right in the heart of Zeeland Seaports ‘Vlissingen port. This fast-growing industrial area has developed rapidly with many large and reliable players in sectors including break bulk, offshore and liquid bulk. Zeeland Seaports offers many advantages for cargo handling which include direct access to open sea, a 16,5 metre draught, congestion-free hinterland connections and specialised terminals. The port company is responsible for the economic development, management and promotion of the port area and optimising local business conditions, which Flushing Service Park is a prime example of.

At the heart of the harbour

Zeeland Seaports is home to more than 200 logistics and industrial businesses. Plus, an increasing number of major players see the deep-draught seaport of Vlissingen as their strongest link to global clients. Despite the adverse economic climate, several companies chose precisely this period to invest in the futre at Zeeland Seaports. From the busy North Sea shipping routes, vessels only require an hour to reach berth. Flushing Service Park offers an unrivalled combination of a seaport location, timodal hinterland connections and cost efficiency. There is a first-rate road network with motorway access in just minutes. Additionally, there’s an extensive rail network throughout the port, plus excellent inland waterway and shortsea connections.


The province of Zeeland is famous for its hard-working industrially skilled inhabitants who maintain a solid work ethic. Additionally, the labour regulations in the Netherlands are flexible. The notion of win-win set-ups is what spearheads Zeeland Seaports collaborations with companies in the ports. This partnership offers the right business conditions to help companies keep stay ahead of the game in the highly competitive transhipment market. Zeeland Seaports has a rare commodity: room to grow.

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