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Projects and collaboration


Zeeland Seaports cares about the surrounding area. This is the reason why we collaborate with lots of different parties. We usually do this during large projects. You will find a list of projects in which Zeeland Seaports is involved in the menu on the left. Extensive information can be found per project.


Taking care of our surroundings is something that Zeeland Seaports considers extremely important. This is the reason why we participate in collaborations which focus on the creation of a healthy environment. This includes:


The Zeeland Offshore Wind Project (ZOWP)

 This consortium has plans for the creation of an offshore wind park off the coast of Zeeland. The park will be located approximately 30 kilometres from the coast. Other consortium participants, in addition to Zeeland Seaports, are: DELTA Energy, Verbrugge Zeeland Terminals, Heerema, Zeeuwind and the Zeeuwse Milieu Federatie. You can find more information at:


The Zeeuws Klimaatfonds

 Zeeland Seaports is involved in the Zeeland Climate Foundation. The foundation's goal is to stimulate sustainable power and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Read more at:


The Delta Water Award

The Delta Water Award is a competition which invites young engineers and students to think up innovative and sustainable ideas which will increase the economic power of the Southwest Delta. Teams which feature representatives from different fields are invited to submit projects. The five best teams are nominated and may further develop their ideas. Read more at:


Foodport Zeeland

Foodport Zeeland aims to create smart connections between companies in Zeeland in the agriculture and aqua food sectors, educational institutes, the government, the surrounding area, research facilities, chain partners and the surrounding regions to achieve sustainable economic growth in Zeeland. You can find more information at:


The Coalitie Biodiversiteit 2010

Life on earth wouldn't be possible without biodiversity: from the smallest moulds and plants to the largest animals and from tropical rainforests to Dutch pastures. Each unique and irreplaceable in their own way. Global climate change, an increase in consumption and pollution threaten biodiversity. Plants and animals are becoming extinct and ecosystems are being thrown off balance. The Coalitie Biodiversiteit wants to put a stop to this. Read more at:

Flushing Service Park

Flushing Service Park is a new industrial area in the port of Vlissingen and is a joint venture of Zeeland Seaports and AMinvest (owned by Euro-Rijn Kenick Group and Van Uden Group).