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Shore power Terneuzen


Zeeland Seaports wants to contribute to improving the environment in the area.  We want to achieve a sustainable port. This is an important facet of our policy. The realisation of the shore power facilities for inland shipping is a good example of this.


The use of shore power reduces NOx and particulate matter emissions and lowers noise pollution. Research is being carried out (which is partly financed by the Vitaal Sloegebied en Kanaalzone project group) into the effects of shore power. Results indicate the shore power supply boxes in and near to residential areas have a positive effect on the environment. This is the reason why the first extension of shore power will take place in Terneuzen, Sluiskil and Sas van Gent.


Shore Power Supply Boxes


Zeeland Seaports has expanded the number of shore power supply boxes to 19. This means that there are now approximately 80 shore power connections available. 13 supply boxes were placed in the Terneuzen port area in December 2012. These are located on the Beurtvaartkade (in addition to the two existing ones), the whole eastern side of Zijkanaal A and the Noorddok. The final 4 supply boxes were placed in Sluiskil (Groene Wal) and Sas van Gent (Zijkanaal H).   There is a generator ban in places where shore power has been made available. The port by-laws have been adjusted to reflect this. The supply boxes are connected to Utiliq's payment system. Captains can register for this system via


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