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Policy and sustainability


Strategic Master Plan

In our strategic master plan we describe the direction we will take up to and including 2022.The strategic master plan sketches the framework, ideas and concrete goals that we want to achieve in the planned period. Through a clear management schedule with plans organised per year and per project we will define and determine the road to this goal. Through this strategy, we are striving to be a successful Port Authority and to create a successful port with healthy businesses. This is a win-win scenario.

Strategic Master Plan: Winning Combinations

Starting Points Wind Turbine Policy


Zeeland Seaports has a number of starting points for their policies. The construction of wind turbines is an example. The full text of this policy can be found on this website under the heading Wind Turbine Policy.


Starting Points Nature Management


Zeeland Seaports wants to balance its (developmental) plans and activities with nature and the environment as much as possible. We are aware of the importance of biodiversity and the vulnerability of our ecosystem and our starting points are general social interests. This means we value the protection of nature and the environment. For more information: nature management.

Respect voor natuur

Wij respecteren de natuur in ons havengebied. Verstoring van natuurgebieden, planten en dieren in het havengebied door motorcrossen, mountainbiken, rally rijden en andere verstorende activiteiten wordt door Zeeland Seaports niet toegestaan.