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Port waste


Pollution of the sea is a worldwide problem. European and national regulations, which Zeeland Seaports must of course comply with, are therefore aimed at protecting the marine environment. Furthermore, Zeeland Seaports has identified care of the environment as one of its key responsibilities. 


Zeeland Seaports has set up a simple, fast and economical waste collection procedure for ships, as by doing so we hope that as many ships has possible will make use of the facility to hand in waste in our port which will help to keep our seas clean. For our customers, this means that apart from the fixed waste contribution you do not need to pay any more for handing in your waste. 

The organisation of waste collection is described on the website of the waste collection company



Harbour wasteplan

Besides that Zeeland Seaports made up an harbour wasteplan. Which you can download below.

Harbour wasteplan 



You can download the format for reporting alleged inadequacies of port reception facilities below


Reporting format


For more information, please contact the Port Service of Zeeland Seaports. 

Tel. +31 115 647400

Email: port AT zeeland-seaports DOT com