Postal address
Postbus 132, 4530 AC Terneuzen

Visitors address
Schelpenpad 2, 4531 PD Terneuzen, Nederland.

Tel: +31 (0) 115 647400, Fax: +31 (0) 115 647500




Thousands of sea-going and inland vessels visit the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen every year. The increase of activities in the Zeeland ports mean that shipping will continue to develop over the coming years. The Western Scheldt is currently one of the busiest bodies of water in the world. Zeeland Seaports is responsible for making sure that vessels can travel through our waters quickly and safely.


The most important tool when it comes to organising smooth sailing in the port is the port management system. Zeeland Seaports will switch to a new port management system in 2015: ENIGMA. We will continue to use the current system until this time: PortXcs. PortXcs allows you to perform the necessary administrative tasks for the quick, reliable and safe processing of all shipping-related activities in ports of Zeeland.


Please visit the PortXcs website for more information.


Clean and safe


In addition to order and safety at sea, Zeeland Seaports also focusses on health issues. This includes combating and preventing infectious diseases which may spread as a result of international shipping. You will find the necessary medical information relevant to your trip to Zeeland's ports under Port Health.


Polluted seawater resulting from international maritime traffic is a major problem. A simple collection procedure for port waste has been introduced to prevent this and to ensure your stay in one of Zeeland's port is as clean as possible.


Electricity and Wi-Fi


Life without being 'connected' may seem inconceivable at times. We want to be connected, even at sea. You can find more information about Wi-Fi and electricity supplies for inland vessels under the heading Electronic services.

Nautical information


Every day on page 720 tot 726 Teletext provides you with various shipping information. For Dutch shipping announcements please see 721 and for foreign shipping announcements please see 722.



For more information about the weather, see


For more information about the Westerschelde (like the Schelde radar network) please visit, or check the radarposts.